When SPD turns into OCD need help dealing
booberryjuice posted:
We started out , my son (10yrs.) (not born with ) sensory PD. and add/adhd/ Now we have advanced to OCD because of the SPD. We are on our last try for SSRI drugs. He already takes a depression drug to sleep at night(which works, thank God!) but so far none of the drugs are working. I'm at my witts end. he struggles to take a bath-cuz theres little 'spots' in the water we have to keep cleaning out, sprays his hair and body down with water- thinks it helps 'clean' him/ helps his hair-he wont let me cut) the last meds. we tried ended with the hand washing thing that hasnt gotten bettereveryday is such a struggle to go anywhere . He also cannot change his underwear and socks, he only wears 1 shirt and 1 pair of shorts/pants - for over 8 months , plus! I feel like I'm gonna have a heart attack with all the stress. His 18 yr old, sister try's to help - but makes it worse - cant get her to stay out of it (ADHD) I dont know what to try next. Any ideas would help allot. I wanted to try ADHD meds, cuz allot of people said it makes a huge difference, but the behavioral dr. said it wont help the OCD. well he didn't have OCD before- just his SPD that they DONT treat - , so that's what made the rest come. HELP! I'm not a crier , but feel like crying all the time lately, I don't want school to start again , cuz the mornings are impossible!