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    Includes Expert Content
    I have ADHD and other medical issues and no insurance
    Aims123 posted:
    I have been unemployed for quite sometime. My Cobra coverage ran out over a year ago. I have tried getting Medi-cal or Medicare coverage but because I am part owner of a house I was told that I do not qualify. I work odd and temp jobs and I guess I make too much with Unemployment to qualify for help. What do I do? I am out of meds. Are there any over the counter drugs that I can get? I am really in desperate need.. Any suggestions or help will be deeply appreciated.
    Babs28 responded:
    Have you tried contacting the drug company for the ADHD meds.
    Some times they have programs for people with no insurance. It was only for about six months but it helped, Until I told the doctor /psychiatrist what a problem my friend was having trying to get the meds. Doctor/psychiatrist talked to someone in his office,
    and their is a form from the Doctor/psychiatrist that he/she can fill out. Know that psychiatrist office did it for friend, but I don't know the name of the form or the form number. And she has been getting her meds for 2 yrs now. Hope this helps .

    Gina Pera responded:
    Hi Aims --

    It's time to think outside the box.

    People in this country have grown to think that no insurance equals no care. But that's not the case. Especially if you have some resources.

    Even without health insurance that covers pharmacy, you can buy the medications that you need. Stores such as Costco and Wal-Mart offer discount prescriptions. And, while generics are sometimes not ideal (I've written about various issues with generics at my blog ), they are better than nothing.

    See if you can find a physician in your area who will work with you on a cash basis; sometimes this is less expensive than the rate the physician charges for insurance coverage. Or, ask for a sliding scale.

    As for over-the-counter drugs, no, I can't think of any. You can work on improving your diet perhaps and getting exercise in the morning. Also focusing on regulating sleep. Those won't help ADHD symptoms per se, but that will help minimize the impact of ADHD creating sleep deficits, etc.

    Good luck,

    Good luck,
    Aims123 replied to Babs28's response:
    Thank You Babs28!!

    This is good information. I will look into this. I didn't think about writing to the companies themselves.

    Thanks Again,

    Aims123 replied to Gina Pera's response:
    Thanks Gina!!

    I will look into this too!! I will check at Walmart to see what they have to offer. I have tried some getting some help at some of the no cost or low cost clinics out here but they say I make too much on Unemployment and that I own a house. Who knew that owning a house was a bad thing!!
    Thanks again for the suggestions,

    stillhereafterage3 responded:
    Hi Aims 123 im Michele. I to have ADHD as well as a Learning Disablities, Seizures, Mirgrains, Depression and Anxiety, as well as painic attacks. Im on close to 12 different meds including vit. and minerals. I read a couple of the replys given to u. I go to walmart myself. Im very lucky due to Ive been dealing with the say 2 pharmicist 4 about 11 yrs now. they go above and beyond 4 me. Theres A list most all walmarts print out that list there $3.00 a month copays. The one thing is they dont put on there controlled substanceds. I live in N.Y. State and the controlled substance policay in very strick here. So one as them how much the particular med would be, 2. see if either your state or county offices a discount card, 3. explain your situation to your doctor and pharm. the doc may have samples 4 u or may be able to write the med for a 2 month supply instead of 1 month. So if its a $3.00 or $10 copy at walmart it would be cheeper 4 u. also theres 2 more thigs you could try. 1 is there are so may meds that are so simular the pharm and doc could find one that is generic that will do the same thing 4 u. the last thing which I had to do Just last month with my Cymbalata when he increased it to 90mg and geuss what they dont make 90mg pills was. I called the company to see if there was any fanical asst. there was but i didnt quilfy do to i have medical insurance. U wounldnt think so at a cost of 1mo $969.00. $120.00 therw medco. Believe me I understand! I hope I was Able to give u a few more obtions. Good Luck if you have a ? dont hessitate to ask me. Take care!
    choo_chu replied to Gina Pera's response:
    There have been studies showing that regular exercise influences adhd symptoms. It has been shown to improve learning and attention/focus. See research by Dr. John Ratey of Harvard Medical School. Exercise might not be a replacement for stimulants, but it can certainly help mitigate some of the symptoms. So, if someone is unable to obtain medicine, regular exercise might very well help, but not completely eliminate, their adhd symptoms.

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