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Can I save this relationship?
An_253435 posted:

I have not been to a doctor to check whether I have ADHD or not, but I have been reading about it and I feel that it could be very possible!!
The thing is that I am a college students, I have great grades... even though I can't focus and almost never study. I kind of made it through the system. Everything is kinda fine because I got used to this.. given that I've had it forever.

Now.. my problem is more related to my lifestyle and relationship. I am in my third serious relationship and I always meet awesome guys who love me and are ready to do everything for me... but I always mess it up. The same is happening right now. I met this other guy.. he's exciting, cute and crazy, like me. I have been hanging out with him and my boyfriend knows that I am developing feelings for him.
The thing is that this has always been the reason for my relationship breakups. I get bored and meet somebody that makes me feel happy and excited again.

I might be loosing my boyfriend because I just can't say no to this other guy who gives me so much more right now.. but I also know that it is not the 1st time and that it always happened.
My feelings for my boyfriend changed from crazy love to routine and being used to live with him. We never fight.. I do my thing, he does his and sometimes we hang out together. I like to get drunk sometimes, he doesn't - meaning that we don't go out together usually.

I am just very confused and wondering if anybody knows what to do? Right now I despise myself for being so selfish and not being capable of sticking to my relationship.

Thank you for reading all this
Hypertension23 responded:
I'm no relationship therapist, however it seems like you have chemistry problems more than ADHD. I'd say it sounds like you take things too fast, maybe try the single life for a couple years or however long it takes. Aderal is only going to help you focus on the fact that your a man eater, not magically show you the man of your dreams. Hope I helped out I promise I wasn't trying to be rude I've just been on the other side of those relationships. Sounds like you'll stumble into what you want sooner or later regardless. Good luck

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