Mz_Eve posted:
My middle child, a son, has ADHD. I just thought he was "hyper". He also hurt himself all the time, like major breaks and injuries. I thought it was because he was so "hyper". We lived in a very small town and every one knew my kids, I didn't realize it was a problem (for anyone but his father and I) until he went into middle school. first day there they sent him home. said he needed to be on Ritalin. He flat refused so he finished up to 11th grade attending alternative schools. He is now 27. About 5 years ago he broke his back. He now can feel some pain and he is learning how to not fly into a rage or freak out when it happens. My daughter has 2 girls. one of them is going thru testing, they think she may have it as well. she has broken her arm and a foot, with out my daughter knowing. each time, she says they don't hurt but they won't work. she is 3 yrs old.
proudmommy32389 responded:
my son is 7 and ADHD with other diagnosis to go along with it. Over the past year he has broken his wrist, had to have 7 stitches, had a major concussion and broken his finger. Everytime he has urt himself he acts as if he can't feel the pain. He continues to play like nothing is wrong