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    Any tips on taking in and retaining information when someone (a teacher) is telling/showing you multiple things at once?
    An_254202 posted:
    I am coming to grips with (instead of ignoring the dam fact) that my ADD has always (to some extent) gotten in the way of bettering myself in an occupation. Without a long drawn-out story I am trying to think of a way to verbally articulate the question I want to put out there to you others (ADD folk).
    I have gotten through the academic aspect of my schooling very well (a closet nerd), but have had some difficulties on Feildwork (learning on the job). Has anyone ever had difficulty retaining information shown/told to you and putting it into action without forgetting it more than is "normal" ?
    What I mean is that if I am told/shown MULTIPLE things to learn and retain at once (one after another in the same sitting) then when I go to apply it (or later try to think of what ALL of it was) I will not be able to remember.
    Example: "here are 4 spoons, of medium size which go in this drawer on Tuesdays, 2 forks for the drawers on Fridays, and the paperwork for the spoon is this (blah, blah) and the form for the forks is different (blah, blah)." That is the best example of a scenario that I can come up with to describe how my ADD effects me. Most people wouldn't miss one or to of those things so many times in a row.
    If anyone has any advice, PLEASE SHARE.
    Nancy1983 responded:
    Dear ADD Person with Retention Problem in Workplace, I have the same trouble u have. From my research, it's a kind of problem with the way you process information and it is not remembered for a variety of reasons. You don't remember because you didn't learn it in the 1st place. one of the reasons could be you were in a distracting enviorment at the time it was competing with your ability to truly focus. Another big problem is that you might have an anxiety disorder, as I have the anxiety makes a person not retain a lot of stuff. Anxiety meds can help to some degree, but you really need to search for jobs that are user friendly to your ADD and take some practical tools with you to upgrade your level of success. The most usefull of these are a week at a glance calendar to use for apts.,and notes about just about everything that's important to you so this week at a glance needs to be large. I get mine at Staples it costs about $30. Then you may need to get legal pads use them all the time to write down anything of importance that comes up on a given day and I start my day with the date on the top of the page it helps me remember the contents of impt. conversations, I compose the emails I send my children on the pad so I don't repeat myself when I talk to them on the phone due to not remembering what I wrote. I take notes of phone conversations with friends kids also so I don't repeat myself for lack of memory. I don't have a printer now so I can't just make a copy of my e-mails. The best tool which I used for years is a micro cassette recorder to use all day long for all the above stuff or most of it,but you have to date each cassette list conts in such a tiny space. I lost my recorder in my recent move, which is why I depend so much on my legal pad to keep me informed about my interactions. I am disabled and poor at this time which is why I can't just run out and get a printer and a new recorder.One Important thing- taking notes before and after conversations with my grown children has expontially improved our relationships. with ADD, it's amazeing how many detaials of a conversation go right out the window never to be followed up on a future conversation. I couldn't have gotten a BA in Psychology from a top university without microcassetting the lectures. Good luck,Nancy83

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