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6yr old underwear bandit
An_254669 posted:
We have recently discovered that our six year old has been stealing both our clean panties and bras. Sometimes we find them tied in knots or simply under his bed. He admitted once that he did it but since then denies it every time we find some. He is not receiving any counseling because we are trying to decide if he really needs it. We've been questioning ourselves and thought it could be attributed to the fact that we are lesbians. I don't know if he's questioning his sexuality or if he's fella attracted to us. It's really disturbing and makes us feel uncomfortable in our pajamas and such. We just don't know what to do. Please provide any insight.
Gina Pera responded:
Hi there,

I understand your concern.

You don't mention if your son has ADHD. Is that the case? And, if so, is he being medically treated for it?

Gina Pera
An_254669 replied to Gina Pera's response:
He has not been diagnosed with anything as of yet. We took him to a therapist just yesterday and have not been advised of anything yet.