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No childhood memories...only a couple
angie6212 posted:
I have had ADHD for years since I was 8 or 9 on meds and trying to find the right one till Ritalin. My parents did get a divorce around 4 end of 3d grade which I can remember parts of 1st and 4th 5th and on but 2nd and 3d and are a blank like I "blacked out" I never remember them even togther at all I have a memory where I fell and got a huge goose egg but no traumatic enough to go to the hospital. When they got a divorce I was fine with it I didn't really care. My childhood I'm told was great and happy so no abuse or anything. I remember a few things but not like most people what could this be? How can I get or see those memories? I thought maybe child Alzheimer's but no hahah. Btw I'm 16 and a girl.
Gina Pera responded:
Hi Angie,

Yes, I've heard that from some friends with ADHD: they remember very little of their childhood.

It could be that, as a child, you just weren't paying attention.

You know, it's the same way with ADHD adults who "can't remember" where they put their keys. It's not that they can't remember so much as they weren't paying to attention to where they put the kids.

To form memories, you have to pay attention in the first place.

I'm glad you don't have bad memories, at least.

Gina Pera
tiffstone08 replied to Gina Pera's response:
I agree i don't remember my childhood either just bits and pieces i feel like it's probably normal for us I'm 24 had some bad things but feel like they werent traumatic it's all in the add really if there's something you want to remember for now on make sure you document it with pictures and narrations.