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Sudden Inability to Type..?
kitsunespirit posted:
I have been having an issue lately where I keep making errors in typing... and I know this doesnt sound like a medical issue and Im just not paying attention to what Im doing but its not that.

Let me try to give an example. This has been going on for about a week, and before that, I was a fast typer, I made mistakes like everyone else, but not to the point where I became slower because of it.

For instance I will be thinking of typing the word "has" and I type the word "key" instead... or I will look at the "a" key and think to push it and instead push the "n".

At work I was slower at pushing the buttons in programs, like I know I have to push the "continue to process" but instead I find myself moving the mouse down to click on the "decline" button or something.

It almost feels like my brain is trying to hard to do things and its getting the signals to my hands messed up.

I dont feel that this is a concentration issue really as I said I feel like I am concentrating too hard... it's like reverse dyslexia.

Another thing I noticed is that I have been stumbling over my words a lot while talking. I have always had trouble conveying whats in my head into words, leading me to stuttering and just failing to finish a sentence because I forgot what I was saying (even though I am still able to think of the right words).

It's sometimes frustrating, but since I grew up with it, I am mostly used to it.

It took me about 20 minutes to type all this.
Gina Pera responded:
That sounds very disconcerting. We would need more information, though, in order to provide anything close to helpful suggestions.

How old are you? Has anything changed in your dietary, sleep, exercise habits recently? Are you perimenopausal? Is your job high-stress?

If you have ADHD (notice I said IF), then it can get progressively worse in some people. This is due to declining hormones and neurotransmitters with age, the pile-up of the sleep debt that is so common with ADHD, and other factors.

Whatever it is, you are describing neurological problems. You should talk to a good MD.

Good luck,

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