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    adderall xr & alcohol or Marijuana
    momac1954 posted:
    I have been taking adderall xr 15 mg. for about 5 years now. I'm over 50 and struggled my whole life with ADD without being diagnosed until I was about 45. It has changed my life dramatically and has allowed me successes I never dreamed of. I rarely have side effects from the adderall except for occasional teeth gritting, and slightly anxious feelings at night. I rarely drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages. I find sometimes that if I have a glass of wine or a drink, I get heightened effects and I'm guessing that comes as a side effect of the adderall. Last weekend, I took two hits of marijuana while on adderall and within 10 min or so, felt queezy and fainted. I lost consciousness for about 30 seconds and have no memory of that period of time. Is it dangerous to mix adderall and either alcohol or marijuana. I would rarely do either, but I wanted to know.
    wakeword responded:
    I have had a similar experience. I used to take generic adderall and smoke marijuana and drink daily with no major side effects. Recently, I switched to adderall xr and take 20 mg a day in the morning. I do not smoke weed during the week, but during the weekends, if I take aderall xr (20mg) and smoke weed I have major side effects. I'm talking extremely bad panic attacks, with hallucinations and suicidal voices, dementia, and more. It is very intense, only lasting 5-10 minutes but definitely not worth it. I never had these side effects with generic.

    I drink during the week with the adderall and experience no side effects, I am also a very professional person with graduate level education and a good job. I work-out daily and I am only 25, eat healthy and have no serious health related issues.... There must be some sort of major drug combination side effect with mixing adderall xr and marijauna. I do not even smoke that much (maybe 1 or 2 small bong hits) but I continually get the same effect....extremely bad panic attacks...the hallucinations are intense and would highly recommend against smoking marijuana if you are taking adderrall xr. I personally am going to switch back to generic because I never experienced this serious adverse effect/reaction (SAE) with generic. Maybe its the formulation XR (extended release) combining with the cannibinoids which causes some highly-neurolgical defect. Please be warned.
    JK2222 responded:
    I have been taking Adderall XR 25 mg for about 5 years myself (I am now 20). However, during my teenage years, I was very on/off and inconsistent with its use and was a very consistent smoker of marijuana. I never noticed anything out of the ordinary until I hit my final year of high school. I really started to try to pull my act together, which included taking Adderall XR how it should be taken, once a day, every day. This is when the effects of marijuana really changed for me. Every time I would smoke, it would now make me feel like an extreme failure and made me absolutely petrified of my future. It caused me to become incredibly depressed while I was high. When I would sober up and I would think back on the thoughts that were going through my head and just wonder how I could think this way when I don?t actually feel this way at all when sober or anytime before I started taking Adderall XR on a regular basis while high. Within the next year I had COMPLETELY stopped smoking the drug because of these effects. The enjoyment of getting high was no longer and the effects are so unenjoyable that I won?t even take a "puff" to feel socially accepted in certain situations.

    Overall, I definitely believe Marijuana has a different effect on one who is on Adderall to one who is not, however, when it comes to alcohol, I am still uncertain how I feel about the effects it has with Adderall XR.

    Remember this is just my personal experience and view of Adderall XR.
    BabBrook responded:
    I take 30 Adderrall XR in am and afternoon for a total of 60. I have never tried weed but I can drink and drink and drink and not get sick or drunk...therefore there isn't much point in drinking for me so I just don't do it. As far as the Weed smoking the "hit or high" so worth it on the weekends to switch back to generic?? Do you have good balance on the name brand?? Really if you are just switching because your "high" isn't as good that is not smart. If you are professional and smart you would realize that functioning 5 days of the week is more important than getting high on the weekend and regressing! Drugs and Adderall don't mix...generic or name brand.
    speakermanx responded:
    Well I have been taking adderall 30mg not XR for about one year now (22 now) and have been a smoker of the herb for some time before. While I was hesitant at first to try it, of course I did and was quite pleased with the results. I was alert and focused but most definitely ripped. I also have had alcohol with it, with no side effects. Ashamed enough to say it I have tried all three that is adderall, ganja, and alcohol (beer). Let me say if try it try it when you have nothing to do for a while they just all build on each other and make a nice trifecta. Also I would never recommend just jumping into something like that to quickly just ease into it.

    P.S. I'm no Doctor so just take my advice with a grain of salt.
    Amazed1521 replied to speakermanx's response:
    Your an idiot... Nice advise to give to people... Hopefully kids dont read your message...
    Boyzmomee replied to speakermanx's response:
    FYI, what you are doing is dangerous. Do not mix alcohol w/ illegal drugs (that includes MJ) and take prescription medications.
    aderrallswife replied to Amazed1521's response:
    I agree with what you are saying not that I agree with your tact. I will tell you my reason for both. First my husband is taking adderrall, alcohol, and marijuana. He is a medical student (ironic). When he gets home from school he tells me about his day (in an extremely excited way, he thinks he is a genius while he is speaking the entire time, granted he is smart), then he takes a shower and begins the night. He smokes marijuana and drinks alcohol and cooks. All the while myself and our 9 year old son are talking with him. He then leaves the room and 5 minutes later we find him passed out on the bed or couch (after praying that he would). Or he continues cooking and he gets extremely upset (nuclear holocaust black rain and all) with me or my son for the slightest provocation (we're talking ant hill i.e. a telemarketer calls and I turn the phone off). This is my life. Everyday. So yes nice advice...The part that I don't agree with is that he is an idiot, after all he is 22, hehe.
    Boyzmomee replied to aderrallswife's response:
    I know he is in medical school but this man should not ever treat patients until he has completed a substance abuse program.
    momof2teensplus replied to Amazed1521's response:
    No kidding i cannot believe most of what i read on these forums.
    StimulantStud replied to wakeword's response:
    As for you, a switch between generic and name brand SHOULD NOT make a differance. I too smoke Marijuana and take Adderall XR 20mg but ive never had any of your previously mentioned side effects. It sounds like you could possibly be developing psycosis, usually only 1% of members of a clinical trial will develop this. I would see your doctor and please people, don't stiff them on any drugs/alcohol you take for recreational use because this only helps them to diagnose you even better. And NO! You will not get introuble for telling them this information due to doctor patient confidentiality. IF your docotr tells a police officer or some bull like that DONT WORRY! this information will not be useable in a court due to unlawful attainment of the evidence.
    chacha904 replied to StimulantStud's response:
    I have been prescribed to 20mg of adderall a day for about a year now. I have been consistently told of how terrible adderall is for you, shown the comparitive likeness of adderall to speed and cocaine, and of its addictive qualities by friends and family members in the medical industry so I've been only taking 10mg a day about 3 times a week when I really need it although it has greatly improved my life and profession. Last week I went out with some friends to celebrate my birthday, it was a day I had taken my adderall and I also drank about 3 glasses of wine and had 3 good hits of a joint and also had not drank many liquids other than the wine. About 10 seconds after my third hit of the joint I started hallucinating. I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself down. As soon as my friends noticed there was something wrong with me I lost consciousness and fainted . I have no recollection of what happened next but according to my friends I went in and out of consciousness about 3 times over the course of 10 minutes and was twitching while unconscious and lost bladder control. According to what I've looked up this could likely be a seizure. I am seeing my doctor next week and I'm torn between telling him the entire truth of this incident since I'm sure he'll end my adderall prescription for fear of a future potential lawsuit or something. As scary as this incident was, adderall has improved my life immensely and I've already gotten promoted into a position I will probably not be able to handle without adderall. I've also completely sworn off alcohol and marijuana while on adderall as well. Any advice?
    ilovemypillsandpot replied to chacha904's response:
    Its not bad at all,i took 2 10mg XRs, and then smoked about half a gram of some really potent pot, and felt better than ever. Its like it takes all the parts out i dont like. You dont get hungry, and you dont fall asleep, making it much more enjoyable. The high seemed to last longer too.

    im almost 16, i dont know if thats got anything to do with it.
    lococrazi22 replied to aderrallswife's response:
    It sounds like your husband might need some serious help. I am myself a recovering alcoholic, and have been taking prescription medications (including adderall) for about 5 years now - I am 27 and am graduating from law school next week. The short temper and patterned use of substances, that dramatically alter your husband's personality, are classic traits of an addict/alcoholic. Furthermore, having your child in the home creates a potential for family violence toward you and/or your child. Your husband should seek some professional help before the situation worsens.

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