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Adderall & Hyperthyroid
bnp868 posted:
Back in January, I had some basic blood work done to see if there were any abnormalities. The nurse came back and told me that I had hyperthyroidism, a 9 on a 10-point-scale, she said. She also cautioned me that many of my emotional issues may be connected to this and that I should find a doctor to work with me on it. In late June, I saw a psychiatrist and took an ADD test, which turned out positive, obviously, and now I am on Adderall XR 10mg/20mg. When she was writing out the prescription for Adderall XR, she noticed on my file that in big bold letters it said "HYPERTHYROIDISM PRESENT." She stopped writing for a moment and asked me about it. I replied that yes, I had some blood tests done and it was shown on the test. She seemed a bit conflicted, but she continued to write and gave me the prescription and told me to be cautious and let her know if there are any big changes in my mood.

WELL. I'm a bit upset right now. I was reading the information on Adderall XR that the pharmacy gave me and it clearly states "This medication should not be used if you have certain medical conditions including hyperthyroidism." Umm... Anyone else see a problem here? This isn't a "Use caution," this is a serious, "DO NOT." Not only have I brought this up to my doctor, she finds me "irritating" and "insatiable" because I'm one of the "difficult" patients that don't listen to their doctor.

My main concern is:

Has anyone had lingering problems because of Adderall XR and hyperthyroidism?
sandie_law responded:
I'd find a new doctor. You need someone who will treat your hyperthyroidism and work with you on the ADHD. I know hypothyroidism can have symptoms like depression, so it makes sense that hyperthyroidism could also affect your moods.
michelle87L responded:
hey, weird i came across this. I'm 22 have been diagnosed with "life threatening" hyperthyroidism, and am currently on AdderallXR 20mg per day. both my endocronoligst, and my regular doctor have never said anything about precautions with this... although my doctor kinda sucks sooo. hmm? oh i also looked on my prescription it doesn't say anything about it?

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