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    ADHD+unipolar (hypo)mania?
    crazygirl_ posted:
    Hello I am 20 years old and I have ADHD and I also know manic episodes, some oft them were strong but not psychotic and without loss of reality.But the last time I have spent too much money, was booking a journey, wanted to join an unserious business idea,slept only 4 hours tonight for one week or more, after then I always needed less sleep then normally for any while longer and it was on voluntary base, spoke too fast and too much, wanted to become an author etc, had an elevated mood and was irritably to people who went on my nerves, I also had high feelings etc....

    My pdocs had mentioned that I could be bipolar as well but I don`t think so: thats why 1.:There are absence of deep depressions, I had only little one`s and anxiety episodes (last year mania and anxiety were both present) but no major depressions, but on the other hand some of my hypomanias were on the border to mania I think today, friends also spoke about my behaviour.......

    2.: I have no bipolar family history, although my parents are not really "normal" too, they are the other extreme then me. They are very anancastic-compulsive people,while I am rather chaotic, the most important thing in their lives are order, perfections and rules, they are easily irritated when order-expections are not met, especially such househould mistakes or saving-money things, often grumbling about little things etc... they also provocate me sometimes because of my lifestyle also of little, not important things.But I have never seen signs of mania or major depression in them, they manage their working and financial lives very well.... And I know for sure that I am not adopted, they are my genetically parents and also my grandparents have no disorder, especially my grand-mother from father`s side is also coping with anxieties.

    I sometimes also don`t understand from where I have the ADHD, my parents also don`t show signs, they are so ordering and not chaotic like me.

    I also have the hyperfocus with my adhd, which is also very present in manic times, but also in the absence of manic episodes...

    I think that I don`t understand the world anymore, I don`t understand from where I have might gotten the illnesses when nobody in my family is affected.

    I only can imagine having ADHD without signs in my parents/relatives but no bipolar, because it`s genetic and even more present in adulthood.My parents also didn`t need a pdoc even in their whole lives... I also know that ADHD often goes along with anxiety disorders, so they can be explainded

    But is it also possible to have unipolar manic episodes along with the ADHD without being bipolar?

    Nice Greetings and Thank you for informations, I know you aren`t doctors as well, but it would be some interesting thing for me, if anybody here knows or has the same experience with ADHD+unipolar (hypo)mania without bipolar disorder, if it could be possible? I find the topic very interesting in generally because at the moment I am hyperfocused with psychology too....
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Dear crazygirl_,

    Welcome! As you guessed, no one here is an expert, so your psych doc, behaviorist, therapist, etc. are the ones who can give you the expert answers. Have you ever asked your doc your question about ADHD and unipolar disorder? Also, perhaps it is possible to be 'bipolar,' but for you to very seldom swing to the other extreme? I had a friend was 'manic' almost all the time. About once or twice a year she'd get depressed, and she was diagnosed as bipolar.

    Here?s Dr. Sogn?s FAQ about ADHD or Bipolar Disorder. Also, here are some books Dr. Sogn recommends that may be of interest:

    ? Succeeding in College with Attention Deficit Disorders: Issues and Strategies for Students, Counselors, & Educators, Jennifer S. Bramer, Ph.D., Specialty Press, Inc., 1996. ? ADD And The College Student: A Guide for High School and College Students with Attention Deficit Disorder, Edited by Patricia Quinn, M.D., revised edition, Magination Press, 2001. ? Coaching College Students with AD/HD, Patricia Quinn, M.D., Nancy Ratey, Ed.M., MCC, Theresa L. Maitland, Ph.D., Advantage Books, 2000. ? Learning Outside the Lines: Two Ivy League Students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD Give You the Tools for Academic Success and Educational Revolution, Jonathan Mooney and David Cole, A Fireside Book, 2000.

    Best wishes,

    undefined responded:
    Hey, I know this is a pretty old post, but I found it while Googling ADHD with unipolar mania. I'm a college student interested in studying neuroengineering and I align pretty much exactly with the symptoms you listed. I'm fascinated in the subject too and interested in what you may have further learned, so if you want to discuss this feel free to email me at

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