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adderall-amount normal weightloss
sooverbnairhead posted:
I was put on adderall last oct. for Add. It is a lifesaver. I finally feel normal and I have so much peace now. I am 36 yrs. old and have been the "airhead" for way too long. I was diagnosed many times with anxiety put on so many anxiety meds that did nothing. I wasnt really sure if Add was a reality or not, very ashamed because everyone labels it as not real.- I have always heard" if your interested you will pay attention., and it will sink in" well I guess I was interested in nothing- I barely made through high school- always C's and D's in conduct- multiple car accidents-took forever to get through beauty school- but did it- had a a hard time commiting to anything-overwieght because of the nervous eating- not paying attention to whats going in my mouth-though- the weight problem didnt come on until my late 20's- well anyway- I have lost weight on this, but I also gave up everything sweet. I have had nothing sweet since oct. I was curious as to what the normal weightloss is on this- when taken correctly for add. My appetite was decreased in the beginning, but now I eat, I have much more control while eating- I am aware when full, and the nervous eating has stopped. I just want to know in case i am ever taken off of this- to know if my giving up sugar did it or the adderall- to date I have lost 56lbs. in 6 1/2 mths- its quick but still under 10 lbs a month. I didnt go on it to lose weight- Will happily accept it though! SInce its happening I would like to be able to keep it off- that is why trying to get hold of the sugar thing. Please let me know , thank you.
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Dear sooverbnairhead, I am so glad to hear you have found something that helps. Asking your doctor or pharmacist about the weight loss is the only way to get an expert answer. However, you can look up your medication in our Drugs and Treatments Library. That way, you can see what other people have experienced. Best wishes, Byroney
tammylg responded:
hello there! iam 37 and have been on adderall 60mg per day, i was also wondering about your weight loss, iam 50lbs over weight and although i am taking it for my add like you said i'll take the weight loss, like i said i've been on it 3 weeks i notice i maybe lost a bit of weight, iam definatly eating less and sometimes not at all, do you think the weight loss will happen for me? i know everyone if different, but i really thought this med did in fact help people loose weight, (from alot of the posts i've read) what do you think? like i said i have lost a little, should i just give it more time? are you or have you been eating normally or are you on a diet as well as the med? i'd appreciate any response, if you want email me at i'd appreciate your input! thanks
timvoth responded:
It's the Adderall. The generic for Adderall is amphetamine - look up that and you'll understand why you lost wait. Sure, as long as you stay on it you'll be able to talk yourself in to "maintaining a diet," but once you're off of it, your body will realize it's been duped and start craving the fat it lost, and won't give up until you're back to where you were.
timvoth responded:
tammy - 60mg is pretty hefty. I would expect a lot more weight loss to come, unless you do what I did and set alarms to remind yourself to eat. Even then if I didn't feel like eating - and I never did - I'd just turn off the alarm and go about my day.

But I also have a feeling with that much you'll end up having to take a sleep-aid to go down, and will be craving the Adderall immediately after waking up to get "high" again.

Good luck!

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