Neuro-Centrum Tutoring
NeuroCentrum posted:
Neuro-Centrum Tutoring is located in Pensacola, FL and is a private business that offers academic tutoring and Neurofeedback for those with attention problems. They use the Play Attention Neurofeedbak systems that can help with memory, attention, behavior problems and auditory listening. Neuro-Centrum Tutoring is run by someone who has a B.A. in psychology and working on her master's degree in Exceptional student education. Neurofeedback is an amazing process that allows us to teach our brain to perform better. Neurofeedback works by using the science of neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity teaches us that our brain is constantly changing and new neuron connections are being made every time we make a decision. This means we can re-wire our brain to work better, allowing us to think faster, have a higher IQ, and even teach our brains how to pay attention! Neurofeedback can teach your brain what it feels like to pay attention while also improving memory and decreasing distracting behavior.
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