Alternative Therapeutic Remedies
An_191071 posted:
Correction of word s/b Therapeutic

'A child who is Adhd and active physically can possibly see adequate results'
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Boyzmomee responded:
A child "has" ADHD.

While I've found physical activity to help my son, it does not take the place of medication.
choo_chu responded:
This can even be extended to adults. I have found that running and swimming helps me tremendously, but I still need to take medication.
ruthy0374 responded:
My son is active and takes hip hop dance even, but it isn't helping. I really don't want to put him on meds though.
aniol3czek replied to Boyzmomee's response:
that helps a lot !!!
Boyzmomee replied to aniol3czek's response:
I'm glad.
Boyzmomee replied to ruthy0374's response:
No parent wants to give their child medication.

However, not providing treatment often hurts the child much more.
JMT1017 replied to Boyzmomee's response:
I so agree with this!

When I was diagnosed (as an adult), my husband questioned the need for medication. I also work with children with disabilities. I told my husband and I tell these parents that if the child had a thyroid disorder, seizure disorder, or high blood pressure (I know, a stretch, but stay with me!), that they would likely not question nor hesitate to medicate. ADHD is no different!

I so wish I had been diagnosed as a kid so that I could have taken medication! I could have done some amazing things!