eyebrows; posted:
one lie, one time, does not a pathology make. if your son has any type of severe psychological problems and you want to support him at all you are going to need to seek out some education on these terms. If he isn't really ill in the sense of having some type of long-term clinical issue, but instead is going through a loss of control or judgement as a result of youth, ignorance, youthful ignorance, and/ or stress then, having these labels thrown around could lead to many more problems. People self-diagnose. Then, they live into their diagnosis. No list of symptoms for pathological lying on a bulletin board can help with this. And the lying, so you know, isn't the illness. Think of it this way, there aren't really symptoms of pathological lying because pathological lying is a symptom of something else. See a professional and get into a support group. Having your child lie about you and get cps involved is a stress you shouldn't have to handle alone. cps will also appreciate that you are a parent with peer support and nothing to hide.
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