ADHD medicational and 12 steps Celybrity Recovery prgress.
hostage posted:
Hello my name is Jón I like to share what Concerta has helped givng me a new life. I was a thrill seeking person, gamble addict and drugs and alcohol abuser. I am a adult child of alcoholics and therefore also codepent. My selfesteme was was wery low and broken because of how I grew up always depending on myself trying to change the behavior of those who I was in close contact to therefore I was controling others trying to make them change because of me.
I have been struggling for many yaers trying to let go the anger and controling behavior, and alcohol and drugs abuse, whithout succseding progress of seeing my denial.
I Started medical teatment along with 12 steps Celibrity Recovery and the progress is amazing my addictions are now like a memory and the anger and bitterness has turned into forgivness thankfulness. I respect myself and I like myself, and I respect others as they are. I feel like reborn.
Pardon if my spelling is not correct I am Icelandic but ofcours I do not worry because I have realized that I am not perfect and also that is a relieve
Best regards and I wish you all peacefull day.
Jón Gíslason.Reykjavík Iceland.
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