Focus on what is fixable
ADHD_Annimal posted:
I'm a 41 yo mom of 4. When I feel like I can't get it all together with my house, I seek help of a caregiver who lives to organize instead of paying a therapist. If u have young kids and work full time, someone or some business is caring for them. If you could have someone home with the kids cleaning and helping the kids learn good organizing habits for just a few hours of the day, it will be a huge help in the long run! Also, note that you wrote about the increase in symptoms correlating with your separation. Logic says treat the problem, not the symptom. Chances are that you are not sleeping well. This makes our issues worse. Instead of more adhd meds, consider following advice from your gen doc or a sleep doctor. In the meantime, don't focus on the crap we don't excel at. Ask for help in doing those things and delegate. Spend more time showing your kids and the world what your talents are! Best of wishes!
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