Unbelievable mold count!
Aqua14 posted:
This has GOT to be a mistake -- my allergist put out a mold count today that shows a count of over 68,000! But on the other hand, we have had such rainy and warm weather here over the last several months (including this past week) that it doesn't surprise me.

The first frost can't come soon enough!

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sgbl88 responded:
UGH!!! Sorry, Judy. I know how bad mold is for you. Thankfully I am not allergic to mold. Every category in the count has been in the high/very high category for the last two weeks (all grasses, ragweed, and cedar elm which are three of my worst allergens with cedar popping in ocassionally). I know what you are going through. Winter is coming sooner for you than for me. Hang in there.

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coughy16 responded:
I haven't been able to find a mold count around here for the past month or so, but if ours is high, that could go a long way towards explaining my recent symptoms. I was blaming my allergy shots, lol