Is it possible to be allergic to a Bradford Pear tree or its berries?
haloti posted:
I recently chopped down a Pear tree in my front yard and ever since i have not been able to stop itching.
rockie8883 responded:
I have 3 in my back yard and every Spring I break out in what looks like a poison ivy rash. I touched one the other day to break off a branch and then the following aternoon I had broken out in the rash. I am guessing I am allergic to the sap?
Aqua14 replied to rockie8883's response:
If it only happens in spring, then I'd suspect pollen is causing it. Either inhaling or touching pollen could cause skin rash in allergic individuals. I haven't heard of people being allergic to tree sap, but I suppose it's possible. Have you broken out when you haven't touched the trees?

Hope this helps. Take care & good luck. Judy
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