Allergy to Stevia
heidibbb posted:
I've been having hive symptoms for a little over a month now. It started with just a couple on my hands and they slowly spread over time up my arms. This week, they are now on my feet and lower legs.
I went to my dr. and he thinks it's something environmental since we couldn't pin down anything that's changed in this timeframe. BUT, I just realized that I started using Stevia in my coffee every day. It would be 2-3 packets a day.
I have been looking online to see if anyone else has experienced these symptoms as well. I did see that if you were allergic to ragweed type plants, you could have a reaction to stevia. I'm asthmatic and have allergies! I'm thinking this could be the culprit, but wondering if anyone else has any exerience with this.
menosurvivor responded:

Hello. The very same thing happened to me! It started on my hands and went up my arms and itched me to death. The only thing different I had that day was a "Zero" flavored water which is sweetened w/ stevia. It took several days for it to clear up and I had to keep cortisone cream and calamine on it.

A couple weeks later I actually forgot about this I guess and I put some drops of stevia in some hot tea that I made.... same exact thing happened again and I had a terrible reaction.

So...... no more stevia for me!!! If I were you, I would give up that stevia. Must be a huge allergen for some of us.
Jen36Mama2 replied to menosurvivor's response:
This happened to me as well. I am on a diet, and use sweet n low in my coffee normally. I wanted to begin using a different sweetner rather than sugar for my yogurt, etc, in order to keep from overdoing it with aspartame. I started using 4 packets a day last week, and by friday I was having flulike symptoms, had chills, etc. Yesterday morning, my hands broke out, and by last night, my entire body was covered with hives and swelling up like I was stung by a bee. I went to the doctor, and he gave me a steroid shot, and prescriptions to stronger allergy meds to get through the reaction. I am miserable right now. It didn't dawn on me that it was Stevia until today, when I realized that it is the only thing that I changed in my diet recently.