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Chronic Sinusitis
An_190866 posted:
About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. After going through TONS of different types of meds, and sprays, I finally gave up because it seemed nothing worked. I have lived with this ever since. Every day, I have a sinus headache, some days are worse, Ive just dealt with it. Recently I moved to the Southern US and the issue has gotten worse. I am at a total loss of what to do next. I found a new Dr. here in Georgia, but he acted as if he didnt even know what chronic sinusitis is, and couldnt recommend anything for me other than taking dayquil and waiting for it to go away (clearly...after 15 years it isnt going away..) any suggestions?
Aqua14 responded:
I would suggest that you visit a new doctor; perhaps consider an ENT as sometimes there are surgeries that can be done or at least considered. If you know that you have allergies, they may be contributing to the problem, and a consult with a good allergist would also be a good idea.

This might be a dumb suggestion because you may have already done this, but have you tried a saline sinus rinse? The NeilMed sinus rinse bottle would be something you could try to see if it gives you any relief. There have been some studies showing a saline sinus rinse is very effective for those with sinus problems. I know it's done a world of good for me.

Hope these few thoughts help. Take care & good luck. Judy
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lewis_295 replied to Aqua14's response:
I have not tried the rinse recently, I have been considering it and you are definitly not the first person to tell me it has worked well for them! I just really want a permanant solution!
Thank you for your input, I really appreciate it!
An_190867 responded:
About 6 years ago i new nothing about sinus problems to my person, because i was in my native land of my birth which does not require too many processed foods like America does.
This the Island of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean.
I put on a lot of pounds and with that came the problem of sinus, now i believe it affects people in different ways, i decided to lose the weight to see if this was causing the change in my breathing, i ate mostly fruits and vegetables no red meat or poultry products especially does that causes too many mucus on or in the stomach and that worked for me.

LindaPurr replied to An_190867's response:
I used to get sinus headeaches every day, some times even having to call in sick. About 15 years ago, my headeaches decresed in number and intensity. In a discussion group, someone mentioned that dairy products caused mucus to thicken in some people. A light bulb went off in my mind when I realized that my sinus headeach reduction could be attributed to starting a mostly-vegan diet and cutting back on dairy products.

I have also found the saline nasal wash helpful, as well as a daily dose of a generic "Claritin" product.

Also, when I was having daily headeaches, I found that taking a daily decongestant caused a rebound effect, causing even more headaches.
vt3636 responded:
hi there, i been suffering from alot headaches for the past 3 yrs. saw a ENT, Neurologist n Allergist because sinus headaches can be confused with migraine headaches. half the times a sinus n migraine headache can feel the same. i tried neilmed sinus didn't find much help. i use saline all the time on & off, did not get 100% relief. i've been on allegra n nose spray for the past 3 yrs. still no relief. so finally i had the sinuplasty surgery where there is no cutting unless your getting your deviated septum fixed. i had it done on dec.3,2010. i'm still healing and found some relief but it is not 100% gauranteed that this surgery will work but i figure i give it a try. i am still using nose spray n allegra-d. if this surgery doesn't work then i will go back to the neurologist because the allergist n ent were confused about my headaches and they mention that it can be confused for migraines. i hope this helps in any way. you can also google sinuplasty for more information. goodluck....
chefbus replied to vt3636's response:
I too had surgery in January 2010 and I had the worse bout of sinus infection in October of this year that lasted until the end of December being on antibiotics, allegra nasonex and sinus rinses. I would not recommend surgery to anyone as I do not feel it helped me. Now the doctor wants to do a revision of my surgery because apparently scar tissue formed and my sinuses will not drain. I had surgery where they packed my sinuses so it was more than just a minor procedure, it took 1.1/2 hours.
ethanone responded:
This is a wonderul allergist that treats chronic sinusitis in Chattanooga, TN. He has helped him and i have suffered with chronic sinsuits for years, now after my sinus surgery i am sinusitis free, i now only have a flare up once a year
CINDYWU responded:
I would suggest you to do a sinus CT scan to see if there is a sinusitis or to see if it is worse than several years ago.

I also suggest you come to China to see and here is very convenient to see a rhinologist and it is not expensive. Chinese medicine is also very effective.

at least you can try.
CINDYWU replied to chefbus's response:
I think you had chose a wrong doctor for your surgery. surgery is just a tailor. the work could be different. I suggest you chose a famous rhinologist to do your revision sinus surgery and it should be better than before. For example Professor wormald is a very famous sinus professor. I said to other doctors my surgery score is 50 before I learn from Professor wormald and now it is 99. This is the difference.
Primal_Migraneur responded:
I can relate to the chronic daily headache issue. I had migraines for YEARS, and along with it a lot of sinus congestion/pressure most of the time. What worked for me was eliminating wheat and gluten from my diet. I feel like a new person and am trying so hard to spread the word to my fellow sufferers, in case this may be part of your problem too! I just started chronicling what happened with me at if it's of any help. Good luck finding answers, there is nothing worse than that daily chronic pain!
appledumpling1 responded:
I feel your pain. I hope you have found something after all this time. I am now just trying to do my part and help others who are in the position that I was once in. Unfortunately I have came to the conclusion that most health professionals are at a complete loss in how to deal with chronic sinusitis when antibiotics don't work. The steroid sprays may help a little with the symptoms but the infection is still there which is the root cause of the symptoms. I am a very scientific and analytical person and found a cure online that I purchased based on me researching its ingredients and their efficacy. I would urge you to look into sinusoothe which is a natural nasal spray. I used it after much deliberation and it changed my life around. I know that sounds a bit over the top but sometimes that is the effect that curing a condition where you have suffered does. Please always keep in mind there is light at the end of the tunnel, just be patient and search for it. You will find it eventually even if that means learning a lesson from your sinusitis and what it has taught you.

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