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need advice my 3 yr old and stomach pain
mommy811 posted:
My 3 year old daughter has had abdominal pain for 9 months now. The pain is every day throughout the day and wakes up during night also. The pain only last a few seconds to minutes at a time. It hurts her to have bowel movements and to urinate as well. Her bowel movements are mostly mushy not normal.

She is currently going to gi doctor and pcp. We have been to emergency room numerous times, had 3 xrays done, and just had a colonscopy/endoscopy done last week. Doctor didn't see anything abnormal except some of her blood vessels were swollen in her colon. We go back in 2 weeks to get her biopsy results. We have also had blood work done and stool samples all came back normal.

A couple of people has suggested to me that it could be a allergy or a food intolerance. My question is if it is a intolerance or allergy would it make her stomach hurt when she has bowel movements/urinates? Also how should I start checking to see if it is one of those? I know there is a allergy test but as far as food how long should I eliminate each thing? And what all should I eliminate from her diet?

I'm just emotionally and physically drained and I don know where to start or what to do next. I feel so bad that she is hurting and I just want my normal, hyper 3 year old back!!

If you have any advice at all it would be appreciated. Thank you so much!
mommy811 responded:
coughy16 responded:
Hi Mommy, sorry you haven't gotten any answers, but this really doesn't sound like an allergic reaction, which is probably why no one on the board answered. As far as being an intolerance, the symptoms sound a little more likely to be that than an allergy. Have you talked to the g.i. about this? Does she have the symptoms regardless of what she eats? If it were a food intolerance, the g.i. should be able to help with that. I know that a common intolerance is dairy. I have that problem myself, & limiting dairy intake has gotten rid of the symptoms. I would have a talk with the g.i., maybe if he/she thinks that could be your daughter's problem, they could have her try an elimination diet. Good luck, hope she feels better soon!
mommy811 replied to coughy16's response:
Thank you for responding! Yes I have done a journal on what she eats each day and when/how long she hurts each time. Gave a copy to the gi doctor over a month ago to review. We go back to the gi doctor on tuesday to find out our next step. I will mention the elimination diet then just in case it is a intolerance. I just wasn't sure if a intolerance would make her have pain while urinating/bowel movements. I have always thought allergies or intolerance were more like rash, breathing problems, itchy, abdominal pain etc. I just feel lost and am trying to get any advice I can. Thank you for the well wishes! have a good day.

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