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Sinuses draining into ears.. AGIAN
ehenvie posted:
I have been to the doctors many times for antibiotics to clear my sinus infection. My sinuses drip into my ears causing them to fill with fluid. This causes my to feel unbalanced , tired, and i have severe headaches. I have tried every medicine out there. The only one that seems to work is the sudafed PE w/ sinus drainage. This usually helps once I have fluid in my ears though. I need something that stops the fluid to reaching my ears period. I have tried claritin, allegra, aerius, other types of sudafed, benedryl, and tylenol sinus. I hate to be dependent on medication but i have a 10 month old that needs a mom who isn't stuck in bed.

I also bought an air purifier which has helped. I do not have insurance anymore so i cannot see a doctor right away. Besides all she is going to give me in anitibiotics.

Any suggestions? OH BTW this is my 5 infection since the beginning of the year. I dont need a doctor to tell me, because i know exactly how it fills and i can feel the fluid in my ears.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Ehenvie and welcome,

While you're waiting for responses here, try also posting to Dr. Josephson on our Sinus, Snoring and Sleep Apnea board.
adnylym responded:
My husband has been suffering from this same thing his entire life. He has also been to many doctors and tried many medications. I cannot imagine living with the discomfort that you guys do on a regular basis and have virtually no relief from it. He does use sudafed PE, but I don't think he has ever tried it with sinus drainage. It does not seem to give him much relief. He told me yesterday that his is dizzy most days. He also becomes unbalanced, he is tired most of the time, and has frequent headaches. His ears are plugged everyday. The only time he gets relief is if he pushes his thumbs into his eardrums and then the relief is momentarily. I told him yesterday that we need to take his condition into our own hands and started researching on our own. If you find out anything please let me know and I will do the same. I hope you find the relief you are looking for soon.
nataleewarren responded:
I have this problem also, but I didn't know that it was my sinuses draining into my ears. I was googling because it's driving me crazy lately. What I do know is that when I went on an anti-fungal diet I didn't have the sinus issues or the drainage in my ear! When I was on that diet I felt and slept better than I had since I started having these sinus issues (started after living in a house with mold!). I want to go back on the diet and know that it will help so maybe some of you , or your hubby, could try it. There are also yeast cleanses that you can do conjunction with the diet that help a ton. I found all this through a naturopath after seeing tons of Doctors, with no results. Every Dr. just told me that I had Rhino-sinitus and prescribed me a steroid nose spray to be on the rest of my life. The naturopath was the only one who helped get to the root of the problem, but now it takes my hard work to help, not the simple popping of a pill or spray! Good luck! Here are a couple great websites to support this as well: (I don't know anything about this diet BUT the info was great!) ( I did Dr. Kauffman's diet, and am going back on it- there is a cookbook under the store link)

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