Yeast and Mold Allergy Diet
An_190934 posted:
I am just curious as to what I can eat since I am allergic to all forms of yeast and molds? I am also allergic to celery, caffine, grasses, trees, and a host of other things such as dog and cat dander. I am also a diabetic. I have read conflicting opinions about fruits and vegetables. My fiance is also an insulin dependent diabetic with protein issues because of it. My spec needs daughter is allergic to eggs. Fixing different meals for all of us is out of the question money and time wise. Please help.
ryanandleigh responded:
Check out this website and be sure to click on the link for foods that contain yeast.

My daughter has an allergy to yeast and a whole bunch of other foods as well as environmental allergies. Yeast is in so many things. You really need to read labels.