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Allergic to Home Smoked Meat?
Im_Itchey posted:
Over the years, I have developed mild alergies and sensitivities to many thing, one of which is wood smoke.

Recently, I bought a smoker. I have used it a few times and things seemed ok. Well, I used it twice this past week - once to smoke a chicken and once to smoke a brisket.

After eating the brisket Saturday, I felt a bit itchey and developed a rash on my leg. I ate it again Sunday night and now I can't sleep due to itching so bad (I took a zyrtec both nights).

Is it possible that I am reacting to the smoke in the meat?? I sure hope not because it is so good!

butzz77 responded:
I think I am!! Last year at this time,my husbands boss gave him a smoked ham. We ate on it for several days and I ended up with red,swollen, itchy red lips I tried everything including the Dr. to get rid of them! I finally decided it was cold sores!! Well again this year we got another ham and after eating on it for several days, I again have the same symptoms! I could literally feel my lips "blowing" up!! I sat down and recorded everything I have eaten the past week,nothing new in my diet,no changes in toothpaste,brushes,etc. Then it hit me!! I had this last November and not since so what did I do then, that I did this past week?? I ate that smoked ham!!! I am thinking there is something about the smoke or flavorings used that built up in my system! Both hams came from the same place! Of course my husband thinks I am a nut case, but I know better!! Could this really be the cause???
TrudyGERD responded:
What did you use to produce the smoke? What did you use to season the meat? I'd take a look at these items. I doubt that the mere presence of smoke would cause a reaction but the type of wood (if you're allergic to cedar and you used cedar chips) or if there's some kind of aromatic in the wood or maybe some kind of marinade or some kind of broth injected into the meat (at the butcher shop; check the label) would be the most likely culprit.
butzz77 responded:
Hi Trudy,

I am not sure what was used. It was given to us by a boss. I do know that the same group made both of them though! Seems like I am getting redder and puffier as time goes on and it is very uncomfortable not to mention {scary} looking! Hope someone can give me some advice to use for a quick heal up to help with the pain until then. In the mean time, No more smoked meats!!
aedmar replied to butzz77's response:
I know this is a super old thread but I have also reacted to smoked meats. We did them at home on the smoker using only salt and olive oil as seasoning because of my allergies. Only used applewood to smoke. I'm not allergic to the fruit.

Sick as a dog!! (Ironic really as I just got my dog back from surgery today and well she is as sick as a dog too).

I've been sick for days!!! Last night I was ready to rip off my entire skin. Today I'm in so much pain it's mind boggling and nothing is reducing it!

Anyway, wanted to share on my smoked meat allergy hunt.

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