wasp sting reaction
ksrudd1962 posted:
hello, i was stung by a red wasp on the breast about 10 days ago. i went to emergeny room a few hours later. i had a huge red ring around the sting. the doctor gave me bynedryl, a shot and a steroid pac. about 3 days later i was really sick and had terrible stomach problems. i went to my regular doctor, she said the sting looked okay but to quit the medicine becasue it is hard on the system. a few days later i broke out in painful red bumps on my head, face and neck. i also had what i thought was the flu coming on. so i went to another doctor. he tested me for the flu and it was negative. i asked him about the red bumps. he said they were nothing. i went out of town and had flu like sympyoms the whole time. yesterday i got painful fever blisters? around my mouth and one on my chin. so i have been to 3 doctors and no relief. thanks kim