Is what he eats in his semen?
An_242834 posted:
I have a severe seafood allergy. If my partner eats something I am allergic to, is it present in his semen so we should avoid contact? I don't want him to avoid foods he enjoys but I don't want the misery of a reaction either. Thanks!
Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Anon,

This would be a great thing for you to speak to your allergist about. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any health articles on this topic, but did find this older post that our expert answered, "I do not know of a way by which those food allergens would be present in seminal fluid, but there are individuals that are actually sensitive to seminal fluid proteins which can lead to allergic reactions."

Hope that your doctor will be able to give you even more on the subject and if so, please fill us in! Wishing you and your boyfriend the best.

Take care,
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