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    pritibajaj posted:
    Hi, How are you? Can you help me, I got my allergy test done and found out i have all year round seasonal allergies and now I am getting once a week allergy shot and its been three and half months now, since the time i have started taking the shots i feel my nose remains always stuffy earlier i use to put nasal drops and it would be fine but now i think that also does not work can you tell me why is that happening why my shots are not working and not getting any relief, is it because of the shots which are you kno trying enforce the symptoms and trying to fight withh the allergies. When will I get some RELIEF from this? please help.
    sgbl88 responded:
    Hi and welcome to the community. I also have year round pollen allergies, so I know how you feel. Allergy shots generally take about 6 months to a year for noticed reduction in symptoms. It took me about 3y years for ny symptoms to start reducing. Now I am at 4 years and I am noticing yhat I don't have the constant congestion or keep tissues with reach at all times like I used to. I don't fear running out of tissues anymore..... lol... Be patient. It will get better. Take care and God bless. Sonya
    Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end... Ye shall seek me, and find [me]
    pritibajaj replied to sgbl88's response:
    Thank you. Can anyone tell me which is the best otc anisthitamine I can can take already tried clritin clarinex loratodine but nothing much relief now I am taking benadryl for allergies whih atleast makes me sleep at night, and also I have heard much about NetiPot is it helpful.
    sgbl88 replied to pritibajaj's response:
    Sorry for all the typos in that first post. I was on my phone which makes it very difficult to edit.

    I like Zyrtec or one of its generics. Many people like Allergra (or its generic). It really just depends on what works. for you.

    You should talk to your allergist about whic one you are taking and how it is working for you. Yout doctor may also adjust your dosage to one that works better for you.

    Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end... Ye shall seek me, and find [me]
    Aqua14 replied to pritibajaj's response:
    Most people find that Zyrtec is best -- strongest and longest lasting, and quickest to take effect after you swallow it. If you're really congested you might want to try Zyrtec-D for a little while.

    Yes, most people find that using a sinus saline rinse is very helpful to combat congestion. Some of us use the NeilMed squeeze bottle as it has more force than the neti pot.

    You might also talk to your doctor about other medications to add on to the antihistamine, like nasal steroids (Nasonex and the like) or nasal antihistamines (like Patanase). Most of us take both an antihistamine and at least another add on medication to address all allergy symptoms. For me, Zyrtec and Nasonex is the best combo I've found. For you, something else might work better. It's pretty much trial and error.

    I'm in my 6th year of shots and I can tell you, life with shots at this point is great!! Most days I have no symptoms but when I do, they're really minimal and easily controlled with minimal medications. There's nothing that I really have to avoid any more, so my life is much more free than it used to be. The shots did take years to reach full effectiveness, though, so just hang in there.

    Hope some of these thoughts help you out. Take care & good luck. Judy
    It's never too late to be what you might have been. ~ George Eliot. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
    pritibajaj replied to Aqua14's response:
    Thankyou very much. I took claritin-D but I think I am allergic to D my BP went high and doctor told me not to take that. I still have to try Zyrtec, I will try. I use Afrin I know thats not good one to use but nasonex is very expensive its cost $133 per bottle i cant afford that.I think I am getting little impatient its just 4 months i have taken my shots even my nurse says i got to be patient. but thank you anyway for sharing your thoughts it gives me positive vibes that one day i will get better.

    Thank you
    sgbl88 replied to pritibajaj's response:
    Hi again,Using Afrin daily is really bad for you. It causes ddiction like symptoms and actually starts exacerbating the problem rahter than helping. You may feel better if you gat iff the stuff. There is generic corticosteriod nasal spray that you may want to try. Also try getting on the Nasonex web site to get on their patient assistance program. Lastly, some pharmacies have discount membership cards that act similar to insurance. Walgreens card is $20 per year and with the printable coupon on the Nasonex website, I was paying about $50 when I didn't have ins last year. take care. Sonya.
    Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end... Ye shall seek me, and find [me]
    pritibajaj replied to sgbl88's response:
    Thank you. Right now i am very stuffy tried not using afrin only used nasonex and had claritin but my nose is very stuffy what to do I did put on my humidifier also, please help me how can i get some relief my nose is very stuffy now. I know i have been using afrin and immediately going to nasonex will take some time but right now my nose is very stuffy. PLEASE help
    sgbl88 replied to pritibajaj's response:
    The sinus rinse that Judy mentioned works very well. You can use it up to 5 times a day.

    There are several life style modifications that may be helpful.

    1) Wash all bedding it HOT water.
    2) Shower before going to bed or when you come in from long periods of times outside.
    3) Keep all windows and doors closed.
    4) Make sure that the filters on your HVAC system aer cleaned/changed routinely.
    5) Dust and vacuum regularly as well.

    Hopefully something there will offer you some relief. Other than that you just need to be patient.

    You should talk to your allergist about your symptoms. There are other medications they can layer on to help relieve symptoms.

    Thake care and
    God bless.
    Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end... Ye shall seek me, and find [me]
    GrandpaR replied to sgbl88's response:
    I also have chronic allergies which have gotten worse since we moved to the Austin, TX area. I agree with the advice posted so far, but would like to add a question: Has anyone experienced loss of smell due to allergies? I am two years into shots, which have improved my situation, but I lose my ability to smell during the Fall-Winter allergy season --- the shots and hiking in clean mountain air in the summer usually brings it back. Have had CT scan etc. and the docs say its the allergies........... Thanks!
    johneli responded:
    I feel the same as you. I have been getting weekly shots now for about 2 years with no help. I daliy use nose sprays and pills and still miserable. The allergy doctor told me to continue to get the shot and maybe someday they will help. Needless to say, I'm discussed. Good luck.
    johneli replied to pritibajaj's response:
    I find the NetiPot does help some of the time. Non of the pills helped me. I think I tried all kinds. Good luck.
    gspringer757 replied to sgbl88's response:
    This is great information. My Allergies has been a problem for years. Yes, I believe that I am cured by the grace and mercy of Lord who made my body whole.
    bscchc123 replied to gspringer757's response:
    I finally found help by taking 1 gram of curcumin three times a day for something else. Guess what it helped my allergies. I find that with the non-drowsy 24 hour pills it takes the double dose to work. My allergist is the one who told me to try doubling these pills. bonnie
    Sylverhull replied to pritibajaj's response:
    I learned from my allergist last month that antihistamines are most effective in 30 day cycles, as the liver "learns" to metabolize the meds most effectively by 30 days. He suggested I alternate antihistamines each month, ex: Claritin in July, Zyrtec in August, Claritin in September... Also for most severe days, benadryl does not interact with most meds, but ask your doctor before doubling up on any type of meds.

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