HIves returned:(
AnjaLina9 posted:
After being diagnosed last year with chronic hives I went through what most of you did, test after test, antihistamines, trying one medication after the other, swelling of the face, legs.,, and so much more. After 6 months of suffering, I watched a documentary on Netflix called "Forks over Knives". Watching that video was a really eye opener. I started a 30 day juice fasting with fruits and vegetable. Besides losing the weight I had gained from the cortisone medications that doctors had prescribed, the hives went away completely. No more medications, no more itching or pain!! I couldn't believe it and was truly grateful. For 6 months I was hive free, but a few weeks ago little by little the hives returned. I started juicing again but so far the hives keep getting worse. I am not sure anymore whether the juicing helped me. I have read some of your posts and will try some of the remedies. Please keep posting of any thing that helped you with the hives.
LadyCath responded:
Could be a tomato allergy. I have one and I also get hives. Try it and see if that is the case. I am no doctor but its a shot.