Levothyroxine for Hypothyroidism.
bmikey posted:
My wife is taking Levothyroxine for her underactive thyroid. She also has a Pacemaker (6 months ago) which is helping control her bouts with Atrial Fib. She started taking the Levothyroxine about a month after the pacemaker was placed, because she was very sluggish and her blood test (TSH) revealed a very underactive Thyroid. About a month after starting the Levo, she developed a new sympton. She was Wheezing and nearly unable to breathe. Since then, she has been hospitalized 4 times for breathing problems. Diagnosis is always Bronchitis and Pneumonia along with CHF (Fluid on lungs). Steroids have been the ongoing treatment (Prednisone) along with antibiotics. They get her better in the hospital and send her home, but withing 2 weeks, the whole process starts again--starting with wheezing and inability to breathe. Does anyone know if her breathing problems could possibly be a allergy to the Levothyroxine??? I'm getting desperate for answers. None of her doctors seem to be able to put a permanent stop the the relapses. They have suggested that the problem could be an allergy, but we cannot come up with anything which has changed in her routine except the addition of the Levothyroxine to her medications.