Foot Fungus
Hi , since i've the foot fungus symptoms and it has been almost a week since i knew it got foot fungus , i've went to the doctor and he said that put Silkron cream on it ( clotrimazole 10mg )
Should i put on Ketonazole nizoral too ?! should i put 2 cream at 1 time ?

And should i go to take a bath with my right foot like it ? Would water make it severe ?

I'd like to have a best advices from anyone , THanks
JACKENGLISH responded:
my Athlete's foot is now having blister fluid pimple on it and white scales .... what should i do next ?!
csorbin responded:
go to and order saprox. follow the directions closely and you will get relief. i have tried manyproducts but this one actually WORKS! right now it is on sale too.