Bean allergy
summerlive posted:
I also have a bean allergy and I found out when I was 4. I mainly react to baked beans. When I eat them, my face breaks out in hives, my lips swell up completely, my tongue feels strange and I get a severe tummy ache. When I visited a hospital, they had found that my throat had closed up but it hadn't closed up enough to stop me breathing. I thought it was just the soup in the baked beans but now i am reacting to the bean itself. I have been avoiding it completely but now, it has become so severe that even if someone was to touch me after getting baked beans on their hands etc. I have an allergic reaction, should i visit the hospital again?
Aqua14 responded:
You should visit a board-certified allergist and get an epi-pen, which is an epinephrine auto-injector that can save your life before you get to the hospital. Take care & good luck. Judy
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