Mold allergy HELP
An_247400 posted:
I feel miserable with sore throat, short of breath, runny nose, headaches and I feel like I am breathing in a smoked filled room. my throat and chest burn and sting all day! This only happens at home. I tested positive for mold allergy by skin only test. Although, it was a weak positive. We had a leaky shower but cleaned mold off boards under drywall but I am still miserable!!! Could it be in our vents or could it be from basement? If we don't find the source in our home can I get any medication to relieve these horrible symptoms?
Aqua14 responded:
Mold allergy is no fun -- I'm allergic to mold, too. Mold is everywhere in the environment and is hard to get rid of once it's in your house. Do you run a dehumidifier in your basement and/or in your house? I've found that to be helpful for my basement, and the AC is helpful for the rest of the house. You could also consider getting a HEPA air cleaner (one that does not use ozone).

I would be concerned with your shortness of breath, which could indicate allergic asthma. When you were at the allergist getting your allergy skin tests, did he/she evaluate you for asthma? Typically they do that if you tell them you have SOB as a symptom. If not, I think you should go back to the allergist and have him/her evaluate your symptoms and recommend medications and avoidance strategies.

As a long-term solution you might want to think about allergy shots. I'm in my 6th year of shots and the improvement is remarkable. I used to have asthma symptoms in late summer/fall due to high mold counts, and now am extremely rarely bothered.

Hope these thoughts help you. Take care & good luck. Judy
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