Does anyone have a BEER ALLERGY?
Krisha1881 posted:
Hi! My name is Krisha and I am a 31 year old female. Lately, for the past year and half, I have noticed that I would wake up some morning with red puffy swollen eyelids. I wasn't sure what it could be - stress? allergic reactions to stuff I was exposed to at the hospitals I work at? mold? Then I noticed that I wake up with puffy red eyelids after a night of drinks 3+ beers.

Here's some history, I used to drink beer in my early 20s then from 26-30 I usually only drank vodka cocktails. However, since my bf (whom I met a year and a half ago) is a big beer drinker, I now drink more beers than I did in years.

Has anyone out there also experienced this?? Or something similar? Please share and thank you!
angy1984 responded:
yes i have. i went and got tests done and what im allergic to in beer is the yeast. i get the same reaction from it but i'll also get an itchy rash where ever it decides to pop up really