Is it possible to be allergic to ephedrine?
desertflowergirl posted:
I have heavy hayfever that requires both antihistamine and decongestant when late summer pollen comes out. I have not been happy with the substitute for sudafed that is now used in many cold&allergy medications, so a friend from Canada suggested I try ephedrine, because she can buy several bottles at once (which is a lot easier than buying one or two packages of the real sudafed at US drugstores). So I started taking 8 mg twice a day, and that really seemed to help with my breathing. But about the third week of doing this, I developed a reddish rash under both of my arms -- beneath the arm pit and curving around the pit to the underside of the arm (same place on both sides). It itches terribly, and hydracortisone cream only works for a couple hours. Could an allergy to medication really take 3 weeks to develop? Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
soonergirl1973 responded:
I think I have the same problem. I currently work in a factory and was moved to another department in July. I work with felt and it was making my sinus act up so I bought sinus and allergy combined pill with ephedrine to combat this. My hands have been swollen, itchy and have peeled. I thought they were healing but had another reaction the other night. A woman I work with seen my hands and said she had the same thing and found out she was allergic to ephedrine. I told her I didn't even realize that could be it and was taking more to combat the allergy. I have stopped taking it and hope that it will clear up at this point. I've even been to the doctor and he just gave me a steroid cream that isn't helping. It itches so bad sometimes I wake up to myself itching my hands.I will let you know if this clears up. I hope you find out what it is.
desertflowergirl replied to soonergirl1973's response:
As an update, I went off ephedrine totally for 3 weeks, and the rash went away (well about 95%). I have since tried taking just one 8 mg ephedrine tab when my allergies are especially bad, and no rash has developed. So it seems like I can tolerate a low dose, but I'm not going to push it. I hope you've been able to find some relief, too, Sooner.