I feel kind of ignorant asking this,,,,,
oldordie posted:
I quit smoking about 2 years ago and took up chewing sugar free gum as a replacement. I have been having severe hot flashes/sweating spells for the last few months, but only during the daytime. I never have night sweats. I realized that I have these spells only when I have been chewing sugar free gum. Is it possible to have an allergy to something in the gum? I feel silly even asking this, but it really seems to me that there is a connection.
Chris_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Oldordie and welcome

Congrats on quitting that is wonderful!
Oh please don't feel ignorant at all, it's a good question.
I'm not a professional, I think you need to follow up with your doctor to see if that is a possibility. Have you stopped chewing the gum for any length of time and see if that makes a difference?

You may want to see about that, but follow up with the doctor to be sure.
Let us know how things go please!
oldordie replied to Chris_WebMD_Staff's response:
Yes, I did stop chewing the sugar free gum. The first day without the gum was the first time I had a day without severe enough hot flashes that my 3 year old daughter even noticed them. I have not had sugar free gum since the day I posted this question and I have also NOT had a hot flash. I am now concerned what might happen if I suddenly ingested the substance that was causing me to sweat so heavily. I am going to see my health care provider soon as I am having quite a few tests run and referals to specialists. I will raise my concern soon.