Allergies and Depression
Jennybird posted:
Recent study concluded that some depressions may be caused by an allerdy to stress hormones. It got me wondering if allergic reactions and the process of building tolerance through constant exposure might on its own trigger other immune responses that lead to depression.

My very allergic to things that grow 16-yr daughter is swirling in a depression with physical symptoms (asthma/reflux/cough and gastric upset). She has been taking allergy shots for nearly a year now. A psychiatrist is looking at thyroid function before adding depression meds. In looking into hypothyroidism and discovering that it is basically an auto-immune response error, began to wonder if people had experienced side effects with allergy shots where the exposures cranked up the immune system too much.

Anyone experiencing things like depression, hypothyroidism, lethargy related to allergy injections or allergic reactions?

Anyone experiencing increased gastric upset (reflux, stomach ache) that you might associate with injections or the presence of allergies?