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    People cough a lot around me (years like this)
    bellaslookalike posted:
    My life is also very sad because anywhere I go (work, school, gym, coffee places, street, around university) people will immediately start coughing rubbing their noses, scratching their noses, violently cough, and those are white people but blacks will immediately start rubbing their genital parts (I take the bus, I dont look at people, I read my emails on my phone and people will always cough at me and scratch their noses and black people will stayre me with evil looks (are they doing black magic to stayre me like that wtf?) they stayre and cough very loudly....and I never give attention (I mind my business, I do my thing and I dont take the bus to look people! they are all ugly and bitter and older (like theyre all 45years and +) or overweight or depressed or fat or all of the above so why look anyways and they will stayre until I get off the bus.

    At the coffee shop, as soon as I come in, people will start repeatedly start coughing LOUDLY to me (I get startled cuz I am such a zen calm person, very zen, very calm, never aggressive) and I have been asking and complaining to my bf for like 6years of this. I am at the coffee shop and I dont cough at every person coming in.

    I went to counsellours (at least 20 from university, work, local health mini clinics, hospitals, friends of my boyfriend, and other free ressources) nobody has the answer.

    So I am a very clean person, I shower morning and night, I use lots of antiperspirant and I wear fresh clean clothes every day (and clean clothes for gym also) and I also have this same thing happening to me that people will just always cough and rub their noses, and its been 6 years like this. It makes me aggressive, and I have seen so many counsellours for this and they have lots of diplomas and all, but none of them have the answer to these strange people rubbing their noses every 2 seconds and coughing every 2 seconds. I live in Montreal and its a quebecois thing that most people do, they stayre and cough every minute, like every single minute, very loudly coughing. Its been like this for years. 6 years. and I work office work and so I need lots of quiet to do my job good, but they (quebecois people) will always glue themselves near my cubicle and talk for half hours about intimidating stuff like sexual stuff that they enjoy, and as soon I come in the morning I smile and say hi to each person and they coworkers will just always come near me and my cubicle and have at least 20 conversations each day about stupid things like 30 minutes talking about their weekend, then 2 minutes later they get nea my office like a glue and will blab for 30 minutes about their son and that they hate all the young people cuz theyre jealous and they watch porn and they hate young people for that I guess. I am sick and tired of this and right now at the coffee shop but it keeps going and nobody has the answer.

    I am very good looking ultra sweet and very friendly, I smile a lot and I love to joke to make people happy, but my boyfriend of 10 years together with him says that people are not normal they talk by themselves on the sidewalk, they scratch their nose, they scratch their face and rub their nose, he told me people are scrap and they have no values, so when they see a young pretty girl dressing nice (no boobs out no gstring out) they get mad to see pretty polite girls with respect and they have no respect so they keep rubbing their nose cuz they do drugs the proof is how skinny they are.

    Smile and they stop cuz they understand it makes you happy!
    Judy789 responded:
    Hey.. it isn't nice and it's really hard to understand. It happens in Western society (this pattern of individuals getting lots of absurd reactions for no reason), but is only understood by the East.

    Some Western psychologists acknowledge empaths - you're probably meeting a lot of the criteria for what an empath means. Do you usually feel disorientated when you're around others? Think of others before yourself? The world is more demanding and sociopathic behavior is more adhered to as empathic behavior.

    The other theory is the Eastern 'Kundalini sydrome'. Those who meditate or, have ever felt connected to a life force or creative energy, reach a point where they are no longer a grounded individual. They are continually based in the higher conscience instead of in their bodies/ in the physical world. They are said to have unbalanced chakras.

    This is called a kundalini awakening, and it can lead to difficulties in the persons' life as they begin to feel a lot more compassion for others, start being more creative, sensitive, stressed. Research Kundalini awakening and kundalini syndrome.

    I had and have the same thing going on for a long time... I coincidentally travelled to the East with my boyfriend's job - it got too much, like you I thought I was a good looking sweet person like most empaths. In the West I saw a top psychiatrist who neither denied or approved what I had said. He gave me an analogy about survival of the fittest but looked baffled.

    In a society which is getting more fearful, rageful, heartless - it is not a good time to be an empath.
    It's not good to be ungrounded, period.
    So look up kundalini syndrome and control/ manage the awakening with grounding techniques. (i.e. anything that brings attention to the physical body). When grounded you should have a feeling of being safe and not so 'connected to everything' and open.

    I try to change my personality thus - I never act like the caring person, 'giving' my energy to others who are weaker than me..
    I also try to connect with my inner fire and inner strength.
    Completely stop fantasizing - even though it's easier for us to live in our internal space than the outside world.
    Try to create an invisible boundary between yourself and others - no one should be able to read your story, your thoughts or follow your actions. To blend , in the east, is to be strong.
    Keep yourself active with intense exercise and physical activity/ a job that involves doing a lot.
    Spend time outdoors...

    There's a lot about empaths/ kundalini syndrome and grounding techniques online.. you're definitely not alone on this one.

    The saddest part I, it's not understood properly by people in the West. and most people who say they get coughed at will either get ignored , or given a label of insanity.. when that's not the case.

    Don't tell anyone other than your boyfriend. I told my family and they would continue to do it - the point it got ridiculous and I no longer speak to them anymore.

    Keep it to yourself, every day learn about being more grounded and try to learn about chakras and kundalini.. the more you understand about it, the easier it becomes to understand just 'what' exactly is wrong.

    Try not to dwell on the one person out of 100 who is coughing towards you.. they're the minority, and are fearful and rageful. Work on your reaction to the reactions themselves. remain calm, non hesitant, if necessary give them a disgusted look, while completely being fearless. Then forget about it and don't dwell. Don't let one person ruin your whole day.
    If you're with your boyfriend, mutter so the cougher can hear, 'that was rude'

    Don't underestimate having a boyfriend who loves you/ understands.
    very_happy_vegetarian responded:
    Hi there!

    I'm so glad that you share your story as I experienced same as you.

    I live also in Montreal, QC.
    It started 6 years ago at my then new workplace, a well known humanitarian organization. Most of my colleague were in their 40's-50's. I was the youngest and a very hard worker.

    At first, I didn't pay attention on their exaggerating coughing but it was getting seriously annoying after a long period of time.
    Like you, when I arrive in the office or I pass by them, they like to make a fake loud cough (it's very obvious!), some of them want to let me know that I am not welcome as I am the only minority in their group, some because I am young and good looking, some because of my hard work, some for jealousy, happy, friendly, some want to disturb you to make mistake, some want to let you feel uncomfortable, etc...
    Many reasons could be possible including that they were really sick...but it was too evident their actions on me..
    I really think this is a local society problem.
    They (Some Quebecois, mostly "pure laine" people from French ancestors) see other ethnic as a threat to their identity and culture as they are a small francophone group in Canada.
    They tend to use this way to intimidate non-pure laine people (100% non pure wool people-french Quebecois). It's very sad because I finally resigned my job after years of consistent harassment and intimidations. My health and relation with my family and love ones were very affected.
    My supervisor and directors didn't wanted to be on my side.
    It's a very sensitive subject as they decided to sanction one employee rather an entire group.
    After working there, I realized that this society is very sick as some other white people in other countries do the same but we cannot globalized them all, it's a minority of them...

    I went to many different counsellors and doctors, same as you, no ones has the answer or simply too taboo to tell me the truth..

    To get over it : be proud of who you are, of your origin, of your ancestors. Be happy, go with people you like, eat well, do more exercise...hope [a class="template-reply-post" id="exchange-post-enabled_A8" style="color: rgb(0, 102, 153); cursor: pointer;" onclick="LoginCreatePost(this,'allergies-exchange','3'); return false;"> these tips can be helpful
    rfrancis1980 responded:
    I post this for all the ones being coughed at, sniffed at, yawned at. There is a huge conspiratorial lie being perpetuated about telepathy.

    Judy789 is on the right track.

    She said in her reply to stop fantasizing and to use grounding techniques. That is because the vast majority of people can hear your thoughts.

    Telepathy is real. The few who cannot hear thoughts will probably not believe me but I hope they will see enough of themselves in your post bellaslookalike and after reading Judy789's post and mine will come to realize the truth.

    Why the conspiracy about telepathy, I don't know, maybe so younger people who haven't reached the coughing stage of their lives don't learn about this while they are young. I sure would have liked to learn at that age that my fantasizing could be heard by all and therefore have a choice about stopping it.

    I am a big day dreamer so learning that everyone can hear me was most unsettling.

    The lie about telepathy is however a lie and lies should be exposed, the truth should be known by all of us (it mostly is and the majority won't be honest about it).
    mariefu3 responded:
    Hello, I have been having the same experience for many years now. I live in New York city and people's attitude towards me is as though I stink . This have made me uncomfortable of going to any public place. Am so unhappy and depress. My experience is just the same as yours. If you have any solution to this problem please contact me. Thank you
    indianbaba replied to mariefu3's response:
    some people cough to get your attention other cough to show they are tougher then you. What you are doing wrong is not looking at people in their face, because of which you have a weak and fearful negative energy around you. Best way it to wear sunglasses(at night you can use a light shaded glasses) and just look people in eye showing your positive and strong energy. They will react to your positive energy and be calm or suppressed and look other way or down.It sure helped me. Hope it helps you too:)
    sam593 replied to Judy789's response:
    Hi Judy789,

    May I get your email address?

    I need talk to you about the kundalini syndrome. I wanna learn some info and experiences

    aravind33 responded:
    What you are suffering from is Anxiety Attack. Let me explain. Life is beautiful but generally people are sadistic. if they know that it is gonna irritate you, then they will increase the coughing part thereby enjoying your discomfort. Let me tell you how to get out of it. When they do cough, do not try to resist the discomfort. Accept it. you will see that you are at ease when you let it get over you. If you try to resist it, you will get breathless. Remember only family is important and do not think about these sadistic people. Also, do not try to resist your discomfort, let it pass through you. You will realize that it doesn't affect you anymore.
    This link will help you understand your issue better:
    crazeekru replied to mariefu3's response:
    Hi there,

    I have the same problem and inqork in new york city. Its been 2 yeas now since this is happening and I cant find any reason. I went through lot of Drs and they dont seem to believe me.

    Let me know if we can connect and try to figure if anthing common like life style, living enviornment, medication or anything to find out whats bothering us and we can lead to a better life.

    Please please help me, I request you to help each other and find a solution to this thing.

    An_262200 replied to crazeekru's response:
    Hey guys,

    I have been going through this stuff for the past year or so at university, it got to the point where I thought my whole program had a grudge against me or something. Honestly, the only answer to this problem is to have confidence in YOURSELF and not give a f*** what other people are doing. My philosophy is you need to focus on your life to LIVE. If you are worried about what other people are doing or thinking about you that means that you are not focused enough on your own life. Once you acquire self-love and have direction in your life you won't give a rats ass who is sniffing or coughing at you. When you're in a place of bordom, it is easy to get distracted. This whole is issue is facilitated by people wanting power over others because they realize that they won't be getting much the rest of their lives. Show these people who the tougher one is, mind your own business and don't give them an ounce of attention. If it gets too much just cough back, let them know that what they are doing is unacceptable. Show them that love can conquer hate. Peace.
    scottsmyth replied to An_262200's response:
    By the way, I also have been an avid meditator and I think this has something to do with all of this. Us meditators have control over our minds and attention and don't like the idea that other people can take our attention. Again, it's all about focusing on yourself, have direction and live LIFE, screw these people, they are soo low and worthless that wasting any time on them is a sin.

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