Swollen eyes
melldclute posted:

I live in the basement (main floor) apartment suite in a 2 storey house. Recently, a hot water pipe sprung a leak and caused quite a lot of moisture and steam to build up in my apartment. The landlords have called in people to fix it, and for the last couple of days I have had fans and a dehumidifier running in my apartment. Late last night, I was having problems sleeping, and eventually got up to use the bathroom when I noticed my right eye was puffy. It isn't sore, and there's no blurry vision, but I can feel the puffiness. It has gotten better since I went in to work, though it is still a little puffy. I also tried taking an allergy/sinus pill this morning to see if that would work, but it hasn't really helped that much. Is this caused by the humidity? Or is it caused by the dehumidifier? Or something else? Your advice is greatly appreciated.