5 Year Old w/Allergies?
opuspenguin007 posted:
Our cute son is 5 years old. When he was very young, he was diagnosed with Central Apnea. We worked thru that but noticed,(monitors, O2, etc) not only when he slept, he was all over the bed, he snored. We took him to an ENT who told us, he had extremely large tonsils. He said while they should be removed, he was only 2 so he would like to wait until he was 3 at least.

Joshua always had red/purple circles under his eyes no matter how much sleep he got and he constantly had ear aches. They almost decided to put tubes in but then he went almost a year w/o one. When he was 4, we had to take him to his Dr. and they said he had negative pressure in both ears. They referred us to the Nelson Clinic at MCV/VCU. They tested him for allergies and said he didn't react to anything he was tested for. They told us to take him to an ENT which we did. They removed his Tonsils/Adenoids and that took care of the snoring and he does sleep so much better, but his still constantly clears his throat, etc. We were giving him a Nasal Decon 2ce a day then our Dr. told us to give him Claritin (24 hr liquid). He still continues with the nasal/throat clearing.

Any ideas? I'm almost wondering if he has reflux.