allergic to bleach or just stubborn sinuses?
lionbaby73 posted:
I have fibromyalgia and pulmonay sarcoidosis so my immune system is kind of weak. Well the last 2 times I caught a simple cold it turned into the worst cold ever. The first time it lasted 2 months, it turned into sinusitis and it was awful, the second time it lasted 3 weeks and it turned into a whole respiratory system allergy, it was so bad I lost my voice & had a cough that sounded like a barking dog and really bad wheezing at night. I spent a week in bed because my head felt HUGE!
Anyways, I noticed that every time I use bleach I get some of the symptoms I get when I have these bad "respiratory system" episodes. I sneeze a lot, my eyes get red, my throat feels like is closing, I start coughing and I get a this an allergic reaction to the smell of bleach? because it happens anywhere where bleach has been used (hospitals,other people's homes).I like using bleach to disinfect and I like how it makes everything smell fresh but I dont want to feel sick every time I use it.