Hives with a viral or bacterial infection
Ryne2325 posted:
My daughter had a cold for about a week, then one day she woke up covered from head to toe in hives. We went to the doctor and said in the past she did this when she had step throat. Her doctor said sometime kids do this with viral infections too. So now I am hoping she doesn't do this every time she gets sick. Her doctor attempted to explain that sometimes a person can be allergic to their own antibodies and the result is a systemic allergic reaction. If this is so does this mean every time she gets sick this is going to happen? This last time on top of her eyes and lips swelling she said her throat was swelling too. We kept that under control with Zyrtec and Benedryl. Could this mean that next time she might have to go to the emergency room? Is this going to continue to get worse each time?