Allergy to Neural Transmitter implant???!!!!
Chuckaholic posted:
I suffer from chronic low back pain. In 2010 I had a disk fusion s-1 ~ L-4 i think. As a result I had a serious Staff infection that took a week of hospitalized IV anti biotic treatment.
Earlier this year I had a Neural Stimulator installed and have had reoccurring flu like symptoms. First the Dr placed the device to deeply in my back and I could not keep it charged. I then had her place it lower on my hip inn order to charge it.
Since I had the staples removed from the second surgery, I am feeling flu like symptoms and keep having low grade fevers. I've gone through multiple antibiotic treatments. Yet I still feel like crud constantly. I am scheduled to have the device removed in a couple of weeks.
Any thoughts and or advice on what this may be.
Short of going to KFC and sacrificing a bucket of chicken to the stimulation gods, what should be my next move?