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re:Allergic To Running
Nezarynew posted:
I'm so glad to have encountered this discussion! I have the exact same symptoms... One sided (usually) insanely obnoxious "allergies" after running- about 75% of the time I run... which is nearly everyday. I'm not a fan of taking meds, but I've been pumping the antihistamines and Singulair like they're vitamins. It does seem to help if I take these at least one hour before I run or do any kind of high intensity exercise (happens inside, outside, on the treadmill, during a HIIT session... seems to be triggered directly to intensity for me). I think it's happening due to vasoconstriction triggered by the boost in catecholamines (adrenaline) in response to exercise, whereby the blood vessels in areas in the body that are not exercising get smaller to conserve blood for the working muscles... (this is my own theory, but it seems to have some backbone to it). I'm for sure going to try the cold water technique mentioned in a previous post, but extremely cold weather causes it to happen just as severely as hot weather for me. The one thing I've found to "stop" it is a ridiculous breathing technique I initiate the second I feel that sort of burning/itching sensation (but before the first sneeze). I stop breathing in my nose completely... only in through the mouth. I sort of close off my throat to keep the air out of my nose. But... then I breathe out of my nose as much as I can remember to. It seems like reheating/rehumidifying the tissues in my nose without breathing air in through the nose will prevent the onslaught of misery that comes on and lasts for anywhere from 12 hours to 4-5 days... This however, only works if I start the non-nasal inhaling immediately upon the irritation feeling, and continue to do it for a good hour or so... clearly not an ideal solution, particularly during exercise.
I've been a runner for 15 years, and this only started in the last 4 years. I have no idea what brought it on, but like all of you, I definitely wish it hadn't!! Grrr! If anyone has any other "remedies", I'd love to try them. I'm off to run now... and then to immediately plunge my head into ice-cold water. (Yup- I'm willing to do that if it works).

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