Thursday Allergies
McCord081112 posted:
I am desperately hoping someone can help!

About 6 months ago I started getting minor allergies, which was easily cleared up with Clarinex. However, over the last 4 months I have started getting allergies 1X a week that lasts from about 8:00 AM until I go to bed, and clears up overnight. These allergies do not respond to anything prescrition or OTC that I have tried. I sneeze constantly, my nose runs every minute of the day, and at night, I am so stuffed up that I feel like I am suffocating. This only happens on THURSDAYS!!!

I have checked with my work for any cleaners we have coming in (we dont have them on thurs or weds), there are no gardners that come, no one in my office does anything differently, I dont go anywhere different, or eat anything different. There are no garbage trucks, sprayers, gardners, or anything at my home that changes either.

I just spent two weeks out of the country, and did NOT get allergies when I was away, but I cannot think of ANYTHING that changes to warrant me getting these weekly allergies.

Can anyone think of anything I can try? Or have any suggestions for changes that I am not noticing?

Please help!!!