Mold alergy and High BP
lagunaone posted:
Good to read this. My husband and I have had about a year-long exposure to mold in our home. The house is being remediated at this time.We did not put it together until we both had bp over 200 at the same time and got on line.
My husband's bp responded pretty well to medication. I have not resonded to anything, and I am getting pretty worried. I have been on 4 different ones.
Metoprolol 50, Enalapril 5, Amlodipine 5 and Hydrochlorothiazide 25, This last one boosted my bp plus a pressure feeing at the top of my head - went off after first try.
We are going to see an environental specialist - an M.D. The cost is a concern for us. But in the meantime, is there any medication that has worked. I've heard about Cosair mentioned in one of the comments here.