5 yr old with recurring cold/cough accompanied with atopic dermatitis
anuramesh posted:
My 5yr old has been suffering from atopic dermatitis since birth. She's been falling ill regularly - atleast once in two months. And once the cold and cough routine begins she doesnt get cured that easily. She has to take Zyrtec and cough syrups like mucolyte (benadryl and the likes are banned in the coutry where i live). And sometimes is on antibiotic. She is as stubborn as herself, can never get her drink her meds!! And last november she developed a sever wheeze and was on Ventolin evohaler (2 puffs every 2hrs) and I seriously lost count of the number of meds she was on. She had a "barking kind of cough" and we went almost everyday to the emergency. her dermatitis becomes really acute with this. And generaly does flare up when her bacteria/virus is still in her system. Which means it subsides for a while and re-surfaces again.
I feel so bad for her when she uncontrollably scratches herself and later cries out in pain. I use perfume free soap (dove is the only soap which has given me good results) and moisturisers (vaseline hypo-allergenic). I cant let her swim in the pool, cause she develops "hives" kind of reaction after it. I use only cotton or cotton based clothes for her! But still especially after returning from school, she scratches herself so miserably (probably due to sweat). She cant play with clay, she starts scrathing herself, and immediately i can see the rash coming up. I always keep the house clean and dust free to the maximum. But since i live in the Middle east, dust storms are inevitable. I recently had her tested by an allergy specialist, he mentioned that she probably is allergic to the pollens of the Date Palm tree!! I would like to know what are the other common allergens, which may not be detected in the "test". Kidly help me i'm praying and wishing that my child gets some kind of releif from all this. Oh, and i dont let her play with soft toys too! Please help!