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Major Throat Clearing
An_250696 posted:
I,too, have been dealing with these issues for about 5 months. My doctor has told me..I have post nasal drip...then I was told I had allergies and I was given a whole bunch of meds and nose sprays. When that didn't work, I was told I was lactose intolerance (Seriously?) Then I was told it could be acid reflux..had a barium swallow test and that was ruled out. Now they want me to have an endoscopy since the radiologist said there was an "unusual appearance" of the upper esophagus. I just don't know what to think anymore. It's like these Doctors are just playing a guessing games and the more test and drugs, the more money I have to pay out.I am so frustrated! The throat clearing is driving me crazy!
vikkitoria37 responded:
hi i have had pretty much the same as you for 2 years now had all the tests and nothing showed up on any of them i was also diagnosed with a post nasal drip and now i have acid reflux due to the pnd
My doc has given me 500mg of amoxolin for 7 days which seems to be working so far fingers crossed that it clears up but if not i will carry on with the natural licorice whenever it becums thick and after meals and drink fenell tea afew times a day which helps clear the mucus and keeps it at bay.
I get why your frustrated its not a very nice condition to have.
My advice would be keep trying different things search the net try the acid reflux diet eat small meals every few hours, dont eat anything 3 hours before bed drink plenty of water throughout the day it thins the mucus somethings bound to work i wish you well
vikkitoria37 responded:
Sorry forgot to mention if you have a post nasal drip try the neilmed sinus rinse it feels a bit strange at first but it does help reduce mucus, you can get it from boots.
All the best
An_250696 replied to vikkitoria37's response:
Thanks Vikk for your info My biggest concern of trying to get this under control, is me flying on a plane in 3 weeks and annoying the poor person next to me as I clear constantly. Do you think it will be worse up in the air? OMG, I sure hope not! It's so crazy! i have tried everything now for like 3 months. I even gave up coffee
cold turkey for a change..went back to coffee..have taken acid reflux meds..have taken allegy meds..use nasal sprays... so sad that nothing works. I am 59 and I have no other health issues at all.And I still walk every day for 30 minutes! Thanks for letting me vent

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smoking main cause for it, stop it problem will go
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