Chronic Hives
FLAlleycat posted:
Glad to have found this forum as hopefully will find something that actually works on this! I started out with what was biopsied as a medication allergy. Rash (with SEVERE itching) lasted 17 months! Wasted a tremendous amount of time seeing a couple dermatologists. Went to allergist who was not afraid to give me heavy duty doses of Prednisone. That would clear up the rash until I started to wing off the Prednisone, then it would come back. After one Prednisone treatment, he put me on Cyclosporin for a couple of months. Rash finally went away . . . for three months. It returned a couple of months ago. I'm now tapering off the Cyclosporin again but rash is already starting back. I cannot stand the itching. My bedsheets and clothing are bloody. I can't sleep. It's almost unbearable to wear clothing. Everyone laughs at me at work as I'm constantly scratching; however, I'm miserable! Antihistamines (Benadryl, vistaril, etc) do not touch it, although I have read studies (PubMed) that state the normal dose should be tripled with chronic urticaria. I did take 3 180-mg tabs of fexofendine (Allegra) this morning and am feeling a little less itchy so may start doing that every morning. Hopefully, it will build up in my blood and eventually give me relief. I've also used a hemorrhoid cream (contains lidocaine) that helps some, too. I've also tried an antidepressant but only for it's antihistamine effects (doxepin). Water is my beverage of choice and doubt I can consume more than what I already drink every day. I think allergist will be referring me to Mayo Clinic at my next appointment in a couple of weeks. It's great to read that others have found some relief, and I appreciate your sharing what worked for you as I'm sure going to try it, too!