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Allergic to sun/heat? Always get swelling around my eyes afterwards.
EriinB posted:
For the past two years, I've been having some sort of reaction after being outside for a while on a hot and sunny day. The day of exposure is fine - no sun burn or any obvious discomfort, but it's always the next day or usually two days after when I wake up, it's there.

It's swelling under my eyes and sometimes up around the eyelids if it's quite bad. The swelling lasts a couple days, and the effects on the skin (saggy and wrinkly) last a good few days. While the swelling is there, the area is quite painful, it feels raw and stings. And then as the swelling goes away, it starts to itch. The actual eye balls are fine - no irritation, redness, blurred vision, etc.

It's been quite random, so I haven't been able to figure out a pattern of what is causing it or how to prevent it. In terms of location, it's happened to me while in Tennessee, Massachusetts, Fiji, and New Zealand. One doctor told me it's a heat allergy and to wear sun glasses while out. However, another doctor told me a heat allergy doesn't exist. I've tried avoiding eye creams (thinking it was a chemical in the cream reacting with the sun), wearing sun glasses, wearing hats, staying in the shade, and it doesn't always help. Antihistimines don't help, either with regard to prevention nor treatment once the swelling has begun. Ice doesn't bring the swelling down. The only thing that helps bring the swelling down has been Prednisone.

It's seriously so random. It doesn't always happen, and when it does happen, usually one eye gets it worse than the other.

It's getting quite bothersome. I'm beginning to get stressed out about being outside on a nice day. So far the doctors I've seen haven't been much help. What is this and how do I prevent it?? (The pic I've included is one of the only ones I have - it's not very good quality and doesn't show it at it's worst)
EriinB responded:
EriinB responded:
And to specify, the antihistamine that hasn't worked was Fexofenadine under the name Telfast in New Zealand.
Cfrancodeflores replied to EriinB's response:
I have had the same issue for the past 5 weeks straight! The only thing that has helped is also Prednisone. I don't notice it when in the sun but my eyes swell and have the same after effect. I also don't have issues with my eyeballs- just around. It also affects me around my mouth as well. Please let me know what you have if you have been able to figure it out!

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